This blog explores the dual nature of things. Many things have two aspects to them; one with more positive associations, and one with more negative ones, but people tend to only focus on one of these without seeing the connection to the other. By being aware of and coming to terms with the fact that an attribute, behaviour or event can have different significance depending on one’s perspective, we might be able to better understand other people and the world in which we live.

I do not intend to preach. Rather, I would like to invite people to stop and think of the other side of things sometimes. When one is let down by a corrupt leader, think about his close friends and family, who might be benefiting from his corrupt practices; or when one is angry at a stranger for pushing past, stop to wonder whether it is because he is trying to keep a promise to someone else. Similarly, in scientific domains, major so-called debates, such as the nature-nurture debate are based on fallacies and assumptions that do not hold up when their consequences are followed through. 

Also, this blog does not deny that most things have more than two facets. Rather, it recasts these into duals or contrasts to make them easier to grasp and reflect on.

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